How to make sure your man is whipped and submits to all your sexual demands


According to Watford Escorts, to have a submissive partner is the most ultimate desire of every person around the world. This is always the case wherein people deals with in each day for both men and women. The very awesome and interesting part is that mostly women submits more compared to men. Some of them never say it loud and clear they just remain quite but deep within them they are willing to submit everything to their partner.

The idea of grabbing the girls hair and pull it back closer to you then would definitely bring so much intimate scene in between the two of you. The ide also of tying her hair up and give her blindfold, is such an extreme hot to men but they just sometimes feel it afraid that their women don’t love and like it doing it to them. Men don’t want to receive a slap on their face coming from their women. Later then they found out that women loves so much if their partners would pull their hair while having sex with them. If you are too careful that they get hurt from pulling her hair, you do it gently then they would really love and like it when you do it to them. This is also the same thing when it comes to blindfold her and tie her up. Doing it with so much affection and gentle then women would totally appreciate and feels so much excitement during your sex.

There are certain things that you should know on how you can make your partner submits to you. The following are the simple tips for you to make it work on your partner.

  1. Have that desire always in satisfying her

You have to take effort and time to really sure that your partner reaches her orgasm. After you satisfy her then she would then be willing to give you what you want her to do with you. If you are fun with so much amazing foreplays during sex then she would totally give you for you let her feel such satisfaction first before yours. When a women satisfies sexually then all is well.

  1. If you’ve never experienced sleeping with your partner ever since before, then you have a tendency of not pulling out the chains and whips in between the two of you. You should always remember that in everything that you would like to try doing to your partner make sure that you’re doing it gently and observe her reaction while doing it. If you’ve noticed that she likes it then continue doing it with so much ease and care. But if she says no to what you are doing to her, you should stop it respect and understand her so that things in between the encounter will not be shuffled. But if she really enjoys what you are doing to her then think some ways to elevate what you are doing be creativity at the same time be sensitive also with your partner’s emotions and condition during the sexual encounter. You can totally tell that she loves it when hear her moans and a certain lubrication will came out down to her anus. It even indicates you to make a little bit harder and push with what you are doing. Asking how she feels it would also be good.

You have to bear in mind that consensual sex is the best sex you could have in your life. Great sex must not be taken for granted also as it brings so much joy and satisfaction to human being. This needs to be understood by many so that they will end up regretting on things in life that they should experience with. So in order for both of you satisfies and there hang ups will not realize. Your capabilities as a good lover to your partner will never be at stake for you don’t need to be someone else’s just to please your partner. Just make sure to do things with your partner that you both enjoy and satisfy with and make it more intimate and gentle so that there will be no pressure in between the two of you enjoying the intimate encounter for each other.